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“it would be a disservice to your bank if you dIDN’t give it a read.”

– Chris Kelley, Executive Director of Barret School of Banking

About John Waupsh

John Waupsh is co-founder of Nerve, banking for creators. Most recently, John was the Chief Innovation Officer at Kasasa®, an innovative leader in branded, community-powered banking products proven to drive profit and growth for community financial institutions. Under John’s leadership, Kasasa earned three Finovate “Best of Show” titles, recognition in Fast Company’s “10 Most Innovative Companies in Finance” and standing in the Fintech Top 100. His book, Bankruption: How Community Banking Can Survive Fintech, is a survival guide for community banks and credit unions facing immense global competition and fintech startups.

John’s obsession with the intersection of technology and banking began when he launched the interactive marketing agency FIRST ROI in 2005, the first company to harness amazing design, skilled copywriting and brilliant code to drive online business for community banks and credit unions. At FIRST ROI, he helped develop groundbreaking offerings such as INMO®, the first online account opening system designed for the needs of community financial institutions, and FIRSTBranch, a holistic marketing solution that encompasses search engine marketing, search engine optimization and e-commerce websites.

After Kasasa (fka “BancVue”) acquired FIRST ROI in 2010, John shifted to his current role leading financial product development and implementation, and also cultivated the organization’s creative conscience for a time as Chief Creative Officer. At Kasasa, he has been an integral part of developing cutting-edge fintech and financial marketing solutions that empower community banks and credit unions to compete in the new fintech landscape.

John lives in Austin, Texas. He also runs The Preservation Project, a music conservancy for discovering and restoring music that has never been released.

Known for his straight-talk style that’s rooted in hands-on industry experience, John stays busy as an in-demand speaker at top fintech and banking conference

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John immediately connected with the audience through his intelligence, humor and keen insight into the future. He has an acute pulse on the community banking industry and the evolving financial environment. He brings to life new ways of creative thinking and implementing ideas for all audiences.

Lindsay Lanore
EVP of Community Banker University

John Waupsh has made an esoteric (and sometimes scary) topic understandable, human and funny. He is the rare combination of a practitioner, researcher and deep thinker on the topic of banking, and what he offers in this book is an approachable and actionable guide. Bankers, as well as those who advise and serve them, will ignore Bankruption at their peril.

Matt Harris
Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures

Bankruption is a wild romp through the nascent history of Fintech, punctuated by personal stories and concise, powerful lessons. Do yourself a favor and read this book.

Brett King
host of the world’s #1 Fintech radio show “Breaking Banks”

With good humor and sharp wit, John skewers both the bloated, outdated thinking of yesterday’s banker, as well as the tulip-bulb hype of some fintech entrepreneurs. Community banking is broken, but thankfully, this book offers pragmatic solutions backed by data. Bankruption can help your community bank or credit union to make sense of fintech, and select the right partners to help you succeed.

Steven J. Ramirez
CEO of customer experience agency Beyond the Arc